This kickstarter project is THE REAL SHIT

2012-11-25 14:18:06 by DeuceNine

If you're tired those bullshit kickstarters with that ask for more money than they're worth, then you should look into this Cantankerous Kickstarter. It's jam packed to the goddamn brim with talent by comic book artist and friend, Joe Karg, and the multi-talented Chris Bivins and Elio Guevara. The artwork on their page alone should be enough to convince you. Only $25 gets you 100 page HARDCOVER art book. I mean, damn.

Go support real indipendent artists. It makes you a better artist when you get yourself involved.

This kickstarter project is THE REAL SHIT


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2012-11-26 18:26:03

First ;)


2012-11-27 08:13:58

I'm just tired of kickstarter in general. :3


2013-01-25 13:22:54

The site wont open.