Anybody see a familiar name on Cold Hard Flash today?

2013-04-05 19:24:25 by DeuceNine

Do you guys even know my name?

Decided to finally step up and show it off. I wanna see what people think before they ask to take it down.


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2013-04-05 19:37:18

Is it bad I do not know you?

DeuceNine responds:



2013-04-05 19:59:09

You be Henry? That was a nice pilot!


2013-04-05 20:31:31

nicely done


2013-04-05 21:50:57


When I grow up I want to be an alligator. Or a racing car.

DeuceNine responds:

You just made me rethink the whole cartoon.


2013-04-06 00:09:10

That was awesome!!! Very nicely done!


2013-04-06 02:50:05

You've really grown up since Final Fantasy Daycare. Pun intended, ho ho ho ho... ohhh...

This is like a weird, warped, opposite version of the couple of times Calvin has attempted to become a tiger like Hobbes. I love that Ani the alligator has a brace. G'job


2013-04-06 09:36:35

I knew your name...

(Updated ) DeuceNine responds:

;) wink


2013-04-06 22:45:44

Guess it's bad, then.


2013-07-31 11:16:51

It's a bit creepy that the main concept behind the idea is a delusional child with identity issues.


2013-10-14 12:42:47

SHYT dude that was fucking A+ shyt unfortunately I feel like people are hyper sensitive to cartoon violence now that we are in an age of helicopter parenting. What ended up happening with it and nick?


2014-02-22 20:38:13

I remember asking you all sorts of questions a couple years back when I was getting into animation. Glad you've got some good things going for ya. Also glad you're back on Newgrounds.