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My shitty Kickstarter about shitting

2015-01-13 02:02:34 by DeuceNine


The average person can waste up to 2.7 days a year just sitting on the toilet. ShitBags will revolutionize the way we poo, gaining all that lost time back. Just simply strap it on and you cango on the go!

Installing the ShitBag in 4 easy steps


Step 1. Place one loop of the ShitBag on your lower back.

Step 2. Secure loop with the adhesive strip.

Step 3. Stretch the bag in between your legs, looping the other loop around your erection, securing it.

Step 4. Pants.

Now instead of having to hunt down a bathroom, you can do your business anytime, anywhere. A properly installed ShitBag should look something like this:


What if I'm a girl?

This is not a product for girls because girls don't poop. If you are a girl and you do poop, simply sprout your erection because you are actually a man.



I know the average Newgrounds user. Not only do you want this, you NEED this. It's a medical requirement these days. THANKS OBAMACARE. See more on our real KICKSTARTER PAGE.

Shamless plug - Zelda/Akira artwork

2014-03-25 16:05:59 by DeuceNine

I've decided to put my Legend of Akira piece up for sale on Society6 and I'm going to shamelessly plug it on Newgrounds because you are the audience that appreciates this stuff the most. And if you're like me, you also appreciate dark colored shirts, so I made an alternate design to support just that.






OH YEAH, and if you reblog it on Tumblr, you could win a free print!

Don't leave me hangin'!

Do you guys even know my name?

Decided to finally step up and show it off. I wanna see what people think before they ask to take it down.

Deviant Art recommendations?

2013-03-29 18:59:19 by DeuceNine

I finally decided to join Deviant art. I'm still in the process of copying all my art from NG and Tumblr over to DA. Also having trouble uploading gifs there.

Does anyone know of any cool artists to follow on Deviant Art? It's a little overwhelming right now and I don't feel like having to sift through a bunch of furry bullshit in order to find some worthwhile artists. If you know of any cool artists, post them below. If you have a deviant art yourself, post that below too!

Mine is:

See you there.

If you're tired those bullshit kickstarters with that ask for more money than they're worth, then you should look into this Cantankerous Kickstarter. It's jam packed to the goddamn brim with talent by comic book artist and friend, Joe Karg, and the multi-talented Chris Bivins and Elio Guevara. The artwork on their page alone should be enough to convince you. Only $25 gets you 100 page HARDCOVER art book. I mean, damn.

Go support real indipendent artists. It makes you a better artist when you get yourself involved.

This kickstarter project is THE REAL SHIT

I've finally uploaded a new animation on Newgrounds. It's been a whopping 3 years since my last project. Be a dude and give it a peek and a vote.

My plan was to put it up online along with a gif for people to download, kind of like a trading card of sorts. Although tumblr is a DICK and doesn't want to accept this gif at anything higher than 6px by 6px. Bullshit right!? Anyone know how I can get around that bullshit?

Newgrounds knows how to make a site and it accepts my gif at a sexy 500px by 333px! Here ya go!

New Cartoon! After 3 years of art school.

Voice Actor wanted for quick and fun role

2012-07-31 16:14:07 by DeuceNine


Looking for a voice actor for the main and only role. This is NOT a speaking role. For that reason I will need someone who is a master at conveying vocal noises.

- Male and female voice actors welcome.
- Voice actor MUST be able to make crapping out of mouth believable and funny.

Since this is all acting and no dialogue, there is no script. The short is of a douche that is lazily going through facebook and spots someone posting a question. He then proceeds to go on wikipedia and shit facts onto his keyboard (quite literally).

Please use the .gif below as a mock animatic for the audition. If you are selected, I will send you the actual .mov which contains different shots.

I hope to hear some good crap.

And yes, I have posted thisVoice Acting Thread.


Voice Actor wanted for quick and fun role

How to draw Asian girls

2012-07-21 23:35:55 by DeuceNine

My last post on here was about my internship at Titmouse. Damn. Since then, I've made a mini pilot for Nickelodeon and have storyboarded and animated on a 13 episode season of Unsupervised for FX here at Floyd County Productions. But just because I'm working in the animation industry doesn't mean that I've settled down. There's no excuse to not make personal projects.

I haven't made any animations for the web since 2009, but I wanna change that. People can talk about making a cartoon, but you ain't shit unless you actually make one. That's really what makes you stand out, I think. I will soon be listing on Newgrounds about voice acting work. That's still cool, right? We can still do that and people respond? I hope so... and I hope the responses won't just be people calling me a faggot.

In my art portal you can see I haven't been 100% lazy. I also started a Tumblr thing called Henrique's Authentic Crapeteria. I hope that's what's popular with you kids these days. My latest post on my tumblr is a tutorial on how to draw Asian girls. All you need is a little racism.

How to draw Asian girls

Oh, here's somthing I forgot to tell you...

2010-07-06 20:09:38 by DeuceNine

I got the internship! Well... I got AN internship, rather.

I was accepted into my first choice studio which was TITMOUSE INC.!! This all happened about 4 weeks ago. Forgot to tell ya. I'm sure you care. Anyway, Titmouse is mostly famous for Metalocalypse!... Which brings me to my next point:
- You're welcome.

They for whatever reason they trusted me with the responsibility of delivering to Fedex the hard drive which contained half of the new season of Metalocalypse (which runs 22 mins now rather than 11 mins). So instead of doing a total dick move and ruining my reputation in the industry by cracking the package into the sidewalk and running off into the woods with the hard drive, I was a nice boy and delivered it. James Cameron is already making a movie of this event.

Titmouse is making other animated shows right now too, but I don't know if I can talk about it. On one of them, the lead animator is a Newgrounds veteran! I won't tell you who. I'm sure you can figure it out.

Being 4 weeks out here in LA has already taught me a lot of stuff about general LA life and the animation industry. If you remember (because I'm sure you care and I'm not just writing this like its my dear diary) I am also working with Nickelodeon... but I'm not working AT Nickelodeon. There's a big difference. One means that you can go in the building and be employed by them and interact with Nickelodeon people face to face... and the other means that they give you some money and then work you like a Korean and you stay the fuck away, you smelly Korean. Despite working with them, I still didn't get an internship there. But don't get me wrong, working with Nickelodeon is very fun and exciting. Our cartoon is looking better and better everyday (well, some parts are). It's all just very slow paced. I assume it's because they are a mega-corporation and I am some kid intern at somewhere else. I am trying to get people excited about it... maybe get some following... maybe get laid. I don't know how much I can release about the cartoon. I'll check and get back to you.


Oh, here's somthing I forgot to tell you...

Newgrounds goes to NICKELODEON!! (Not really though, just me)

2009-10-21 17:47:48 by DeuceNine

... Well, I'm not really GOING, per se, either...
I don't know if any of you remember or cared or still care, but about almost 2 months ago I claimed to have submitted a little somethin somethin to the Nickelodeon Animation Festival 2009. Well uhh... yeah, it did involve strangling, and yeah strangling doesn't seem to be Nickelodeon's way as many people warned me. So naturally, we should all just abandon all hope on that....... and the abandoning of all hope eeeends... NOW. Why do that? Two words: Grand Prize, faggots. Grand. Prize.

I uploaded a higher quality, longer version of it on Newgrounds for you my newgrounds pals, no matter how useless and annoying you all are! As you can tell, the VA auditions I posted some time ago resulted in General-Ivan being the Chosen One. What a swell fella!

Sorry it's less than a minute, but that's all I had. Thanks for contributing to the revival of 2D animation!

Also, I must add that LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I GOT DA!LY 1ST N EGORAPTOR GOT DIALY 2ND LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OMGOMG MY NEWGROUNDS AWARDS R BETTER THEN URZ!!! (This sentence is purely satirical. All comments towards the deity known as "Egoraptor" are purely for comical purposes. The author of this news post apologizes if this sentence offends any religions or creeds. Please do not hack this account, send hate mail, or take part in any sort of malicious action in regards to this sentence.)